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VIP Personal Shopping Experience. For the Diva and Pretty Woman in you.

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Finding the right size in the right color, staring at a sea of clothes, and the overwhelm sets in.  You leave the store with clothes that don’t suit you, make you feel confident & create more dressing options, and that you probably won’t even wear. Sound familiar?

It’s a myth that all women enjoy shopping for clothes, in fact, women often tell me they hate it & it’s in the too-hard basket.

Our shopping services take all the hard stuff out, leaving you with just the easy parts, confident in your stunning new look, and empowered to style yourself in your everyday life.

With the majority of the work being carried out behind the scenes, your experience of shopping will be a different world.

Reinvent yourself, shed stale style, and rule your world!

Confident style comes with putting the best into all aspects of your body shape & coloring. We’ll show you how to choose only colors that highlight your toning and make your features pop, demystifying the world of professional styling, and making it accessible & fun for you.

Most women have long-held shopping habits that aren’t helping them. We’ll show you how to shop smart & end the wasted time, money & impulse buying,

Consultation Pre-Shop Research Shopping Time Investment
1 Hour                  Yes 3 Hours $857.00
1 Hour                  Yes 4 Hours $997.00
We’ll teach you | what you’ll learn | how to:
  • Tips and tricks used by professional stylists
  • Save time by having your outfits selected for you
  • Save money by buying only items that you’ll use and wear continually
  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with sizing and finding sales staff
  • Break habits that keep you making the same shopping mistakes
  • Fill wardrobe gaps that prevent you from easily choosing & creating great outfits
  • Dress your body to amplify your best features &  learn how to ‘illusion’ dress
  • Learn our cheats way of knowing if a color suits you
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