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Mens Wardrobe Detox

Many men don’t know where to start when it comes to their wardrobe.
Mens Wardrobe Detox
Finally sorting out your wardrobe will  not only sharpen your style; it will make life easier, give you back time,  make dressing enjoyable,&  save you money

On average, you’ll wear 20% of your wardrobe, 80% of the time. That’s 80% of unnecessary physical &  mental noise

Do you struggle to make decent outfits from the clothes you own? Does your wardrobe hold a fair bit, but is filled with clothes that don’t suit or excite you?

Clear space for what does work. We’ll show you what works for you and why, making your process, simple & fun. Most men find it difficult to part with items that no longer serve them, even though they aren’t wearing the vast majority.  Emotional attachments to things we own, particularly, clothing, are common.

Once your Wardrobes had a thorough Detox, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and accomplishment, with more room in your physical and mental space, making life easier

A Wardrobe Detox isn’t just about throwing out what doesn’t work, it’s also teaching you about what you need to make it work, where to shop for what you need, and what you need to buy to create an easy capsule wardrobe that’s uncomplicated.

You’ll receive a shopping list of your ‘Wardrobe Gaps’, the pieces you need to make it work, and we’ll give a personalized digital color chart, so when you go shopping, choosing the right shades is a breeze

In order to know where you’re headed with your ultimate style, we need to get to know you & the style & image you aspire to, so we always start with a thorough Style & Image Consultation. The blueprint for your future style.

An average Wardrobe Detox takes from 3-hours.

If you have a larger wardrobe or require more time, we can extend your session on the day.

Wardrobe Detox Package
  • Remove the physical and emotional clutter from your wardrobe & headspace & make room for what does work.
  • Have a functional wardrobe that works, making it easy for you to dress
  • Organize your whole wardrobe, from work to casual attire, including accessories
  • Discover your true style, and learn how to bring it to life
  • Reveal wardrobe gaps that prevent you from easily putting outfits together
  • Create new looks from the clothes you already have.
  • Sharpen the style, with my professional tips on how to best fit and flatter your body shape
  • Discover which colors make your features pop, and the colours to avoid
  • Stylist’s wardrobe gap plan and shopping list
What’s included:
  • Style consultation-  1 hour
  • Body & Colour Analysis
  • Pre- Consultation research on your style
  • Detox- Review, sort, cull, mix, and match – 3-3.5 hours
  • Shopping list/recommendations
  • Digital color chart- Choosing the best shades made easy


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Why choose Christina Robért

I was really impressed with Christina and the service and direction she gave me regarding my wardrobe. Hiring a personal stylist was a big first for me. Christina quickly gained my trust and I was surprised how fun the process was.
As a partner in a major international finance organization, I needed to make sure that my image was in check with my career goals.
Christina helped me with the finer points of how to style myself and learning about colours and patterns and why some work and some don’t.
I now feel much more confident and in tune with my style
I would recommend Christina as a stylist to anyone in need of some style direction. Great work.

Luke L
Christina Robert

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