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Mens Personal Shopping

You want great outfits, & you want to look and feel stylish. If only those clothes would just magically appear in your wardrobe, hey?
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If  Shopping’s in the ‘Too Hard Basket’, our Men’s Personal Shopping Service will have you stylishly dressed in just a few hours. This is for men who don’t like shopping, have no time to shop, feel lost, and need help to get their style right.

Mens Personal Shopping.  Services for men as individual as you.

Do you go to the stores on a mission to find a few good things to wear and go home with similar items to those you already own, that doesn’t light you up?
Do you find yourself wearing that same old outfit again and again?
Unsure of what suits you?
Have you had a recent change in your life, such as relationship, career, or clothing size?
Have you lost your way when it comes to finding clothing that makes you feel confident, and flatter your body type, coloring, & personality?
Imagine for a moment, that all the hard parts of shopping were cut out. Your outfits had been pre-selected for you, tailored to your newly defined,  signature style.  Your image is polished and ‘New World’-ready.
That’s right! You don’t have to shop for the clothes yourself. All you needed to do is meet me at the stores, where you will find a selection of options, hanging up and ready to try.


Go home with sharp, confident,  outfit options that will mix & match easily with your new, and existing wardrobe.  Put your feet up, and celebrate!
Outsource the hard work.
Consultation Pre-Shop Shopping Time Investment
1 Hour Included 3 Hours $857.00
1 Hour Included 4 Hours $1057.00

VIP Personal Shopping Packages

  • Refine and sharpen your style
  • Learn how to step outside your style comfort zone
  • Get hands-on fashion styling and unbiased professional advice
  • Fill the gaps in your wardrobe that prevent you from putting together great outfits
  • Find out what your real personal style is, and learn how to shop for it
  • Learn how to shop with confidence knowing what colors, shapes, and styles suit you best
  • Purchase only items that will last the distance, not just for one season
  • Learn how to get details right, and how to accessorize your outfits
  • Put an end to buying similar pieces to those you already own
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