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YOU can be a 'Well Dressed Man'

Christina Robert

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Style power sessions

You can be a ‘Well Dressed Man’

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Christina Robert

Fashion & Image Styling for Men

Mens Stylist Christina will help you get your Mojo back,  even if you’ve completely lost your style groove

Style struggles are actually common for most men.

Is this you?……. Hitting the stores on a mission to buy clothes that suit your body and coloring, making it easier to dress, but you come home with similar pieces to what you already own?…….  Stuff that doesn’t hit the mark? Have clothes in your wardrobe that have seen better days taking up space, but still keep them there taking up space?………. Feeling like you don’t any exciting outfits that suit all your activities or the events you go to?  Save your time and money.  Outsource the hard work us, and let the professionals work our magic.


Changes in your life change YOU.  Weight loss or gain, promotion, a new career, the end or start of a new relationship, all these can have you feeling it’s time to reinvent yourself.


Stylists are no longer the domain of only the super-famous. We now have more visibility than ever. It’s become a cliche that we are all our own ‘Brand, but simply put, the person you need to impress most is YOU. The rest will follow through achieving a confident image. Men’s Stylist, Christina Robert will style you,  get your wardrobe working, take you shopping, and teach you how to style yourself.


Since the hard work’s taken out of getting yourself a great wardrobe, you’re left with only the good, fun stuff,  that leaves you feeling confident with a fresh outlook on life. You’ll be introduced to the world of men’s style with the edge you’ve always wanted, or overhaul your entire style and image with a Male Makeover.  Whatever your style goals, we will smash any challenge in your way.


Want to be that’ Well Dressed Man’? You can.  A super-sharp style is formed when the details are done right, refining, and defining your style so it becomes your unique, statement.  Why would you settle for average or boring? We believe life’s too short to play it safe.


Men, we love styling you!

“Never underestimate the power of a well-dressed man”  Christina Robert 

I need style help

My clients tell me:

I don’t know what to wear anymore…… I don’t have time to shop…… My clothes are boring….. I wear the same things all the time…… I don’t know much about fashion….. My partner used to help me… I hate shopping……. I can’t find clothes to fit me. I have no good clothes for going out……. I’ve put on; lost weight……I want to dress better but don’t know where to start and I don’t know what suits me…… I’m really hard to buy for because………..I’m now single and need to start fresh…

I’d like some help
Christina Robert


Christina Robert

Sharp Dressed Man Image Consultation

One on One Image Consultation

One on One Image Consultation

Steer your brand

Personal style and image consultation

Christina Robert

Style and Image Makeovers

A full-service package with all the options

When you need the works

Christina Robert

Date Ready Style

You only get one chance to make a great first impression

Dress for the date you want

Christina Robert

Men’s Personal Shopping

Go on your own VIP Personal Shopping Experience

Get your great style, that perfect for you, in only a few hours

Christina Robert

Wardrobe Detox Package

It doesn’t need to be this challenging to put an outfit together

I can help you get rid of ‘Wardrobe Overwhelm’

Get the extra confidence to

Feel great about yourself now

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