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Wardrobe Detox

YOU are way too busy to be spending so much time staring at your wardrobe, wondering what to wear. Enough! You need a Wardrobe Detox
Wardrobe Detox Package
Wardrobe Detox Package 1
Before you go out, there is anxiety and stress, or clothing strewn over the bed as you put things on, and take things off, trying to put together an outfit that makes sense.
You rush out your door unsure of your outfit, stressed, and perhaps running late for your day.
  • On average, you are wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.
  • That’s 80% un-necessary physical and mental noise.
  • The time you take trying to put together decent outfits could be so much better spent.

If you think you are alone, you’re not. A lack of a ‘working core wardrobe’, and the majority of the clothing in your space not being used, are a couple of reasons.

I know why this happens, and the steps needed to stop this.

When I work with my clients, I de-mystify why you are experiencing these barriers to dressing well.

I can help you detox and refresh your wardrobe, removing physical and mental clutter. I will teach you stylist tips and tricks whilst we style you, and get your wardrobe sorted.

With your wardrobe working well, you will not only find a boosted personal style, but reduced stress levels and more time back for yourself.

An average wardrobe requires a 3 -hour Detox plus a 1- hour style consultation

Some clients may have wardrobes, and agenda’s that require more time than this.

This package is based on the average wardrobe space. If you have a larger wardrobe or require more time, you can extend your session on the day, or prior to the day.

Wardrobe Detox Package
  • De-clutter your space and mind.
  • Remove the physical and emotional baggage from your wardrobe
  • Refresh your space to make room for what does work
  • Have a wardrobe that works & makes dressing fun
  • Organize your wardrobe including workwear, casual, & accessories in to an improved, more functional space
  • Discover your true style and how to materialize it
  • Discover the wardrobe gaps that prevent you from putting complete outfits together
  • Create new looks from the clothes you already have.
  • Learn my style on tips on how to best fit and flatter your body shape
  • Discover which colour’s work best for your colouring, and learn which ones to avoid
  • Get my stylists plan of action and shopping list
What’s included:
  • Style consultation-  1 hour
  • Pre-Research on your body shape and colour palate
  • Time at your wardrobe- 3 hours
  • Wardrobe gap list and shopping plan

Price: $697.00


I need a detox

Why choose Christina Robért

I engaged Christina to assist me with a wardrobe detox and styling experience. I was at a cross-roads post developing a sub-brand for my business consulting, having transitioned from corporate life to running my own business, a styling lift was in order to tie in business and lifestyle. I needed some tough love and an honest opinion to let go of items that I had been storing in my wardrobe for years and not utilised, it was well and truly time for a fresh perspective!
What was potential for an overwhelming experience was expertly handled with minimum fuss. It was an absolute pleasure to be guided by Christina, all delivered with warmth and a professional manner. Outcomes exceeded expectations.

Jo Grist- Entrepreneur
Christina Robert

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