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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the package cost include my clothing purchases?

No, the package amount is service fees only for the complete hours of the styling experience. Shopping budget is additional.

Why do you need a budget for my shopping experience?

Having a budget is necessary to make sure we don’t go over what you are prepared to pay. It is also there so I can prioritize what to include in your shop, and provide you with a realistic outcome for the money you want to spend.

What should my budget be for my shopping experience?

Your budget should take into account the realistic and desired outcome for your personal style, as discussed in your consultation. This may be wardrobe gaps, seasonal pieces, accessories or any other item you may want to shop for. Investment pieces such as coats and blazers, tend to be more pricey than other items, so this needs to be factored in as well.

Buying a whole new wardrobe,  as compared to just refreshing your wardrobe, would likely be a bigger spend.

Your budget should accommodate the sort of brand’s you desire, that fit best for your style and your finances.

I can guide you on how to budget for your shop, and whether your allocated budget is realistic

How do you know what to shop for?

I consult with a client prior to every service

If you purchased a ‘Wardrobe Detox’ as part of your styling package,  then I will have made a list of all the gaps in your wardrobe and what needs to be sourced to have it working for you.

If you have personal shopping service on its own, as part of your consultation I would ask you the right questions to gain a good understanding of what you need and what you already have in your wardrobe. I may ask you to send me pictures of some of your current wardrobe items, and even make a Pinterest board to show me what style you love.

How are the clothes chosen when we go shopping?

By the time we hit the stores on your shopping day, there is much that has gone on behind the scenes.

I will have spent time researching the best clothing options for you, based on your style consultation, and wardrobe needs.

A ‘Pre- Shop’ will have been done by me. This means that I visit the retailers that I feel are a great fit for you and make garment selections. When we visit the store’s together, these clothes will be put aside and waiting for you to try.

The pre-shop allows me to give you the highest value service, and avoid wasting time when styling you.

Do I have to buy the pieces that you choose for me?

No. In your styling session, you will learn a lot about style and fashion, and why some items will work for you, and some, not as well.

This is a valuable part of your service so that you can learn to make good style choices when I am not there.

The pieces I have pre-selected for you are building blocks for us to work with.

If you were forced to wear something you did not feel comfortable in, then that would defeat whole experience of styling you as an individual.

The best fashion happens when you feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

What happens when we get to the stores?

After we meet at an agreed location, near the stores,  we visit the first retailer for the day. Here there will be a selection of pieces there waiting for you to try on.  This is our base to achieve your style and shopping goals. Trying on the different items, we place aside those you wish to purchase, and you are guided through what works, what you need, and don’t need.

Will all parts of a package be carried out on the same day?

There are some services that are carried out on the same day.

My ‘Wardrobe Detox’ service, including consultation, is all done on the same day, as is any service purely on a consultation basis.

Some services have multiple parts, such as a Wardrobe Detox, followed by a shopping trip with a wardrobe integration, I have found that clients get the best experience when the elements of their service are not back to back. If you have just been for shop, you may want to take a breath and celebrate, rather than go straight on to the next part of your service.

With a ‘Wardrobe Refresh’ package, the consultation and wardrobe edit is generally always carried out on the same day so you will need to allow 4 hours for this styling experience.
With all other packages offered, I don’t offer same day service for all sessions to be carried out. Generally, I like to allow between 1-2 weeks to carry out all sessions in the package you’ve purchased. This is best for continuity of your service, so things are fresh in your mind.

What are the payment options?

I generally invoice a client, and they via direct deposit into my account, notifying me when they have done so.

If you would prefer to make a partial payment,  at the time of booking,  I offer split payment of 50% of the total of the package price, with the remaining 50% to be paid no later than 48 hours prior to your styling session.

Gift vouchers must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.

The singular, shorter services, ‘Your Signature Style’ consultation, or ‘Wardrobe Detox’, must be paid for in full  48 hours after the time of booking. This is so I can offer all clients the best service, according to their styling needs, and desired service time.

How do I secure an appointment?

Contact me via the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Contact’ on my website. There, you can let me know what services you are interested in, and what day’s and times are best for you. I will endeavor to reply to you within one day.

Do you make commission from what I purchase?

No, some stores may provide me with stylist discounts. This depends on what stores, and what days we shop. Any discounts are passed directly to my clients.

There are some stylists that do take commissions.

I’m trying to lose weight. Should I hold off before engaging a personal stylist?

In most cases, no. After you have had your styling session, you will be feeling pretty amazing. Around 40% of the clients I work with are in some sort of weight flux. I have never seen a case where they were not left feeling so positive after their styling experience, that all areas of their life were impacted, including motivation to achieve their weight loss goals.

A great stylist will teach you how to dress  ‘Illusion Dress’. The right outfit can shave a size or more off your body. While you are pursuing your weight loss goals, you are already looking slimmer in your outfits. This confidence and sense of empowerment will work wonders for any life goals you aspire to.

If you are losing weight already, I suggest shopping for pieces that you can work with during the weight loss process, and not an entire wardrobe. You can still have a complete makeover service and may choose to work with me during your weight loss process, as your body changes. If for some reason, another smaller service would work better, I will let you know, and talk you through the options.

How often should I have a styling session?

I have clients who hire me in an ongoing basis, so they can be styled for seasonal wardrobes, or for special events, or so they can have me organize a VIP shop for them, with the continued reassurance that they are buying right and in line with their style. I also have clients that hire my services just once and take away all they know and are really happy with that. Whatever serves you best! I am always there for further help.

What is the difference between a personal stylist and an in-store stylist?

An in-store stylist only works with the retailer they are aligned with. Their interests include meeting sales targets for the retailers by which they are employed and selling the range of brands carried by that retailer. A professional independent stylist will shop at any store, choosing any brand with loyalty, only to the client.

Retailers now describe their staff as stylists, but they are working in a different capacity to a professional stylist, with little to no formal training.

Are you alligned with any retailers?

No. I work completely independently of any retailers. My interests lie solely with providing you with the highest quality service and styling you in the best pieces, regardless of the retailer.

Where do you take your clients shopping?

There are many locations we can use for your shop. In Melbourne, the CBD is still king, however I can tailor the location to suit your needs. Stores are selected based upon what are the best possible choices for your style fit and taste. Department stores often work well as part of the mix as they have a huge variety of brands and mini boutiques. These are often great as a base to start from and clients often prefer this for convenience, while there are others who are wanting an experience with the best known and iconic shopping destinations, or High Streets.

Will you get me discounts when I shop?

Where possible, I will get clients a discount, however, I do not base a shopping experience around this, as it will restrict when and where we shop. I focus on getting the best result for your unique personal style, taking in to account your budget. When there are sales and discounts on clothes that work for you, we take full advantage.

Can I bring someone along to my session?

This time is all about you, and focusing on your best outcome. It is by far, more successful to maintain a situation involving just you, your stylist and your clothing. Your reference group is used to seeing you in a certain way, and their inputs can influence the way you are viewing new things and perhaps viewing yourself. My clients see themselves often see themselves as they never have before, and need time to take each part of their journey, without distractions or outside judgment. After the service is completed, everybody can celebrate the joy of the big reveal.

What if I have questions or forget some things that I have learned?

You are welcome to email with any questions and I will be happy to answer.

I will have the details of your session and key findings on file.

Do you offer colour analysis?

I find my clients prefer simple, easy to remember guidelines when it comes to colour, rather than working with hundreds of different shades, I teach you how to wear shades that aren’t necessarily within your colour palette, so you’re not missing out on wearing all your favorite’s, or seasonal tones! If a colour just won’t work, there are plenty of others that will do wonders for you. You will learn how to quickly and simply tell if a colour suits, or doesn’t suit, so you are armed with professional stylist knowhow and tricks. We keep it simple.

What is the style consultation?

The style consultation is the first and most integral part of any of any styling service. We focus on the best image for you, your personal style, and your brand.

We sit down for an informal face to face chat. It becomes your style blueprint laying out how to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

A consultation will always take place unless you are a returning client, and a short de-brief style conversation is all that is required.

Do I have to have a wardrobe detox before I can have any other styling service?

Booking a ‘Wardrobe Detox’ prior to a ‘Personal Shopping’ trip is not essential although it is highly recommended. Many people choose to have a ‘Wardrobe Detox’ first so we don’t double up on existing items, and so that we know what you’re buying patterns are.  The advantage of the ‘Wardrobe Detox’ is that it allows us to assess what you already have, understand your personal style and get to know you. This information helps us to plan your shopping trip effectively because we know exactly what shape you are and can determine your direct needs. If you feel that you don’t have enough in your wardrobe to warrant a full detox, or you need to start from scratch, then I will determine your needs by asking you a set of questions. Lines of communication remain completely open to make sure we cover your needs.

‘Personal Shopping’ packages are popular when the main goal is a stylist curated  shopping trip, and skipping the other parts of the packages!

What age are your clients?

I work with clients of all ages. I believe in style at any and every age, because it makes us feel good. This is a huge part of what I instill in my clients, whether you are 14, 44 or 94.

How far do you travel for appointments?

I travel all over metropolitan Melbourne. If travel time exceeds 25 minutes (one way), and or includes toll fares, then an additional charge may be added to the service fee. This is priced at $55.00 per hour.

Can I work with you if I live outside of Melbourne?

Yes. I have national and international clients. I can arrange consultations and ‘VIP Personal Shopping’ trips if you are traveling to Melbourne. If you require me to come to you, this can be arranged. Travel and expenses will then be added to the service fee. I also consult via Skype which is a great way to gain quick and easy access to some services.

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