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Invest in your biggest asset

My staff need help with their presentation now!………Your employees are your organisation’s biggest resource. Dressed and groomed in alignment with your company’s goals, they become an even bigger asset to your business, and to themselves as individuals.

Group learning professional image workshops- The way your company’s staff are perceived is vital to the success of your business. Your employees or team can learn and work as a group in flexible, tailored workshops or with one-on-one styling sessions.

We create an environment where they feel comfortable and supported. Workshops can be held in your office, or as a break away to another space. Group workshops are an enjoyable, interactive way to have your team working together to create an elevated professional image for your company.

We work together on the topics or issues you want to address, and we know that as individuals some employees deal differently with change. When your workers see the benefits of a change in their image, they are much more motivated to back your companies initiatives.

Common areas of focus are:
  • Company image goals
  • The power of first impressions
  • Why your image matters
  • Creating a powerful image in the marketplace
  • How personal image impacts the success of your company and staff
  • Changing outside perceptions by using your image as your secret weapon
  • Using the power of colour to influence marketing
  • Dressing in line with your corporate message
  • Grooming, including personal hygiene
  • Combining corporate style with personal style
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