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Christina Robert


Christina Robért is a Melbourne-based Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. She works with clients Australia-wide, and Internationally.


“I’m driven by creating the ultimate style for you. The latest trends don’t make for a truly remarkable style.  Fashion itself is simply a tool to bring to the image and the feelings that you desire, into reality.”

My role is to help you build a look & image that best represents your personal style to work seamlessly with the message you wish the world to hear & see.

Your style shouldn’t hide who you are, but bring out the best of who you are.

If I have only one mission in life, it’s to use my skills and life experience to show you how beautiful you are, that your differences are beautiful, and those differences make you, YOU.



Here’s why

As a little girl, I experienced an accident that left me battling severe body-confidence issues. My self-esteem was one of comparing myself to others. I could only see only flaws. I had little self-belief, and couldn’t experience any beauty in myself. I felt broken.

There was a never-ending war in my mind & heart.  I fought my way through year after year of body dysmorphia, eating disorders, addictions in a society where I compared myself to supermodels on magazine covers.  It wasn’t until a long way into adulthood that it came to me like an ‘Epiphany’. Why spend your precious energy trying to hide what you don’t like about yourself. That’s no way to live. No way to be.  By highlighting, emphasizing, & celebrating our best, we can let go of fighting what we can’t change.

I knew I wanted to help others, spreading the message that each of us owns an incredible and unique beauty. Our differences, the marks life has left on us, only add to our beauty and essence. I call them our ‘BEAUTY SCARS’.  Who said that scars aren’t beautiful, or that you have to fit in certain gender or physical identity?  Who said that beauty must be measured by limiting, outdated standards?

Shouldn’t we celebrate who we are?  Each day, by expressing our personal style, we write our own rule book.  When I see my client’s joy as they gaze into the mirror & see themselves dressed & styled in a manner that exceeds what they thought possible, I know I chose the right path. I’m here to challenge what Beauty means.

Christina has previously worked in the corporate arena & grew her own business as a jewelry designer. She has worked with fashion houses, such as Zimmerman, SABA  & Bettina Liano, as well as creating her own range.  Her designs have been worn by incredible women, such as Danni and Kylie Minogue, Elle McPherson, Naomi Watts, and Rachael Weitz, and have been featured in editorial shoots for publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and InStyle.


Did you know that?

…your visual appearance influences other’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion…

Creating your ULTIMATE image

Hiring a Stylist for your workers is a smart investment
“When we put on a piece of clothing we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics associated with it, even if we are unaware of it.” Professor Karen J. Pine, University of Hertfordshire (U.K.)

To do you justice, your image must be strong, authentic, and speak for who you are and what you stand for. If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the term ‘Personal Brand’. A vital part of your overall image is the visual component;  how you present yourself, from head to toe. This actually can’t be understated. As an entrepreneur or business person, you may have the best offering;  you may be incredible at what you do, standing head and shoulders above others… BUT…. if your visual image is not so great, then the rest of your ‘Brand’  can be seriously affected, despite all the big efforts you put into your business.


Working closely with you, beginning with an in-depth consultation, we discuss your business and life goals along with your style wish lists, Your ultimate image and style are defined, and a blueprint is created. From that foundation is what we use to build your style using clothing, and grooming.

You get all the style with a whole lot of substance, as well as my stylist tricks to take home and use to style yourself.

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