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‘Your Signature Style’ – Take Control of your brand
One on One Image Consulting
Personal Style And Image Consultation

You are a walking, talking billboard for your product or service. If you are looking to create authority, credibility, and buzz around yourself and your business, you need to start with your public image. We will fast track you to the best image for your life ambitions.

‘Your Signature Style’ is an information and value-packed style and image consulting.  focussed on your style and brand. At the completion of your service, you’ll possess the knowledge required to create the best version of yourself and the best image for your business.

By the end of your session, you’ll know:
  • What your style really is and a clear plan of how to achieve it
  • How to use your image as a secret weapon to elevate your brand and career
  • How to dress your individual physique to show your best
  • How to make your features pop and wear the right colors for your brand
  • How to accessorize your looks
  • Where to shop for your style and budget
  • What’s in store right now that works for you

Productive,  relaxed, and fun, the benefits and rewards of your session with Men’s Image Consultant, Christina Robert will give you the tools required to change what you need to. You can take what you have learned, and use it straight away.

For those who understand the importance of image, and are ready to use it as a powerful tool to excel in business.

What’s included:
  • Style Clarity 1.5 -hour Zoom consultation to uncover your true style
  • Dressing for your personal brand; aligning with your business strategy
  • Pre-consultation research on ‘your style and image’
  • Your ‘Signature Style’ discovery; You’ll discover exactly what your style really is
  • Grooming Consultation- keeping current from head to toe
  • Tailored board of your new styles with with links that take you straight to the styles
  • Selection of 4 Casual, 4 Dressy and 4 Daytime/work outfits

Investment: $397.00

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Why choose Christina Robért

I had the most wonderful experience with Christina. Not only does she walk the walk with her own outstanding fashion sense, more importantly, but she also has the eye and knowledge to educate others on what works for them. As a professional presenter, you have to have to look the part. Christina was able to bring out my inner sense of power and command, for which I am forever grateful.

Eric Chan- CEO
Christina Robert

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