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Christina Robert

Personal Fashion & Image Styling for Women


‘I’ve seen for myself, from my family role-models of all ages,  the beauty & pride that comes with self expression through  personal style. I truly believe, there’s no-one who won’t benefit from celebrating their life in this way. ‘ Christina Robért’

The No.1 benefit in owning a fabulous Personal Style is how it makes YOU feel. Having confidence in what you wear, & how you show up for your world is a right, not a luxury.


As women, we often place ourselves last on the list when it comes to looking after our own needs. Life, family, work often gets the best of us.


Here you’ll find services to make life simpler, more fun & give you time back in your busy life, so you can get on with what you love most.


You may be seeking us out if you’ve been through some kind of change; relationship, weight, career. You may be seeking change with a whisper that gets louder, asking for change now.


One of the Best things about your Personal Style Transformation, is that the change is immediate. No down-time required. It’s something that’s in your control.


Your ‘Style Transformation’ will not only give you a new lease on life, but bring about positive changes across your world. I see this unfolding for my clients every day.


If you’re ready for the best style of your life, we’re ready too!



Help me with my image

My clients tell me:

I can never find anything to wear……. I don’t have time or energy to shop…. Sometimes I don’t go to events because I don’t feel confident in what to wear…. I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, it makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start, what to wear, or where to shop…. I don’t know what suits me, I have put on/lost weight and don’t know how to dress now. It’s affecting the way I feel about myself. I know I should dress better and it upsets me that I don’t…… I don’t like my ( body part insert here)………I’ve split from my partner and want a fresh start in life……

Christina Robert


Christina Robert

Signature Style & Image Consultation

Steer your brand

Personal style and image consultation


Christina Robert

Style & Image Makeovers

Styling experiences to revamp or overhaul your style and confidence.

This is a step-by-step process in revealing the absolute best of you.

Christina Robert

VIP Personal Shopping Service

Shop with confidence

Be professionally styled on your own personalised VIP Shopping experience.

Christina Robert

The All Woman Style Transition

Transgender from Him to Her

Styling experiences for you to embrace and celebrate your feminine style

Christina Robert

Wardrobe Detox Package

Have your wardrobe working for you

Say goodbye to wardrobe overwhelm

Get the extra confidence to

Feel great about yourself now

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