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The power of perception

Progressive businesses are harnessing the power of their image to move ahead of the pack.

Studies tell us that others form opinions of us within seconds. These are judged on nonverbal cues, including your image, attire, and grooming.

If you are striving to deliver your company’s message to the market place, but your image is telling a different story, it’s time for a change.

I can help you re-invent your companies image, so your messages are consistent and on brand.

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Read my interview with PATRICK WRIGHT on the hot topic of ‘MEN IN SHORTS IN THE OFFICE’. Oct 31st 2019.Ok, or not?

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Why choose Christina Robért

In January I worked with Christina on creating a style that would work for both my speaking, travel and mentoring. She helped me understand some basic principles and fashion faux pas to avoid and I have to say I love the result. She has an amazing eye for style and can work with any budget. I immediately saw results in both my confidence, my appearance and my business growth!! I also get to provide her insights to my own clients – smart ‘n savvy career women in their own right, who get that sometimes you need advice from someone who knows. Can’t wait for her to style me for my book launch!

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