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Discover your All Woman Style with Australias No. 1 Transgender Stylist

You are on a unique journey.

You’ve come this far. You know who you are, and you want the world to see the real you; comfortable in your own skin.

Society is changing. Fast! There are many transgender role models paving the way. Look around and you can see the change amplifying. It’s everywhere! There has never been a better time, for you to express who you are.

Christina’s transgender clients often tell her they need help with styling and grooming, to achieve natural femininity that is not overdone.

Gently and professionally,  you will be guided through the world of female fashion, style, and grooming, as it applies to your individual needs.

This styling service is designed to bring you joy, security, and comfort in all elements of the feminine shopping environment.

Who’s this service for?

If you’re in the process of a transition or wanting to live as a woman, this is for you. These services are for those who seek an ‘Authentic’ feminine style.

Those who identify as a woman have the right to be treated as one in every way. This is how it is when we work together, with the understanding that there may be a few different elements needed in the service.

Those who are are experimenting with feminine style, but are unsure how to achieve ‘Authentic’ clothing style, makeup, and hair.

“If you’re looking for women’s style for everyday living, and want to shop and present yourself as a true woman, then come with me, and explore your new ‘All Woman’ world.”

Challenges for my Transgender Ladies include:

  • Being unsure of how to dress to look authentic and feminine
  • Cultivating a unique feminine style without overdoing it
  • Dressing as hormonal changes affect their face and body
  • Feeling nervous about shopping and trying on clothes in stores that are traditionally women’s
  • Dealing with sales assistants
  • Not knowing where to start with converting their male wardrobe, into a female wardrobe
  • Dressing your female self without attracting undesired attention
  • Not understanding the basic principles of feminine style
  • Buying shoes and accessories in larger sizes
  • Sourcing the correct lingerie and shapewear

Whether you are beginning your journey, or are further down the road, making sure your outward appearance is as polished and groomed, is going to boost your confidence immeasurably.

“After your time with me, you will look and feel incredible; stylish, feminine, and empowered. My clients tell me that confidence plays one of the largest roles in their journey.”

Can I work with you if I’m not in Australia?

Yes! I offer Virtual Styling and Consultation services to many international clients. I work with our dual timezones.

Why did you choose to specialize in Transgender Styling?

As a little girl, I experienced an accident that had an indescribable effect on my psyche, my life, and my confidence. Since then I’ve come far leaving some of that pain behind, but it’s taken much work. Through this dis-association with my own body and the discomfort of living in my skin, I’m able to empathize on a deep level, with those struggling with their image. I see the struggles of those with gender dysmorphia, and those who feel different because there is a part of them that needs to be expressed.

Styling has given me the opportunity to impact the wonderful and brave people who are walking the road less traveled.

‘All Woman’ Transgender Styling

  • Learn how to style yourself as an authentic woman
  • Discover the most flattering colors for your clothes, makeup, and hair
  • Have your wardrobe cleansed and sorted into a female affair
  • Get my professional stylist makeup, hair, and grooming advice
  • Shop with confidence in a female retail environment
  • Be professionally fitted for the correct lingerie and shapewear
  • Learn how and where to shop for your true style
  • Use feminine accessories with flair


Packages can be tailored to any specific needs including bra fittings, and makeup

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