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Christina Robert

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Christina Robert

Corporate Stylist

Within seconds judgments are formed and opinions made based on a person’s or company’s image and presentation.
A poor image can make or break business opportunities before anyone gets an opportunity to speak.
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Most people have some awareness that first impressions are important in many parts of our lives.  But……… not everybody knows that “first impressions” are made within just a few seconds upon first meeting someone.

Having a Corporate Stylist on your team will give you the edge in today’s business environment.  Your team will feel great about themselves and impress those around them.  Staff feel empowered when they have had professional guidance from a corporate stylist, and learn exactly what they need to do to create the best image for themselves and your company.

As a Corporate Stylist, I can provide your business with super effective solutions, including Private Image Consultations, Styling Packages, Corporate workshops, presenting, and Speaking.

“Your brand is what other people say about your when you’re not in the room”– Jeff Bezos

Popular topics include:
  • The power of first impressions
  • Why your image matters
  • How to create a powerful image in the marketplace
  • How personal image impacts success
  • Dressing in line with corporation guidelines
  • Handling individuals who contravene regulations sensitively
  • Personal hygiene
  • Head to toe grooming
Christina Robert


Christina Robert

One on One Image Consulting

Steer your brand

Personal style and image consultation

Christina Robert

Group Learning and Professional image Workshops

Style your staff

Dressed and groomed in alignment with your company’s goals, they become an even bigger asset to the business and themselves.



Christina Robert

Company Styling and Image Consultant

Reshape your company’s Image

Progressive businesses are harnessing the power of their image to move ahead of the pack.

Christina Robert

Keynote Speaker

Add some style to your next event

Are you looking for an engaging keynote speaker that is both fun, and informative?


How can an Image Coach Help?

A Professional Image Coach will teach you how to dress for any professional environment and improve your personal branding. You’ll learn to communicate with what you wear, by choosing colours and styles of clothing that show your professionalism and personality. Putting together a professional and reliable work wardrobe that is versatile and striking, will be simple with your own Professional Image Coach.

You may be
  • Executives, Lawyers, and Consultants.
  • Company business owners or executives
  • Freelancers and start-up business men and women looking to improve their personal branding.
  • Public Figures, Musicians & Creatives
  • Professionals moving back into the workforce after several years.
  • Professionals experiencing a career change.
  • Those looking for employment.
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