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Personal Styling Gift Packages

How do you know if a styling experience is the right gift for them?

As you can select any service on offer, here is a bit of help to work out what service will suit them best.

If you are having trouble deciding, then give me a call or shoot me an email.  I’l be happy to suggest the best option for their individual requirements.

THE LARGER MAKEOVER SERVICES are great for those who are feeling in a fashion/life rut. Often a makeover is just the thing they need to pull them out and give them a new lease on life.

If they have had some big changes in their life situations, that have had a significant effect on them, or it is obvious they would love a fresh start, then the full-service MAKEOVER options will work well.

If they have mentioned they would love a stylist to take them shopping, then a PERSONAL SHOPPING voucher is a safe bet.

If they have a special event coming up, then a PERSONAL SHOPPING trip can solve the ‘What to Wear?’ problem.

This works well for those who love shopping, don’t love shopping or those that just want to experience of shopping with their own personal stylist.

We generally shop in the Melbourne CBD, as this area gives access to the biggest range of retailers, but other options can be arranged upon request.

If they struggle finding options in their wardrobe, but you can see that they have a lot of clothes, then a WARDROBE DETOX can be just the thing to help them move forward, decluttering their space & mind.

It is very common for people to say that they ‘have a wardrobe full of clothes, and nothing to wear’.

If they have very few clothes in their wardrobe, either a personal shopping experience or a Makeover would work well.

Remember, they can always upgrade their service if they find they want or need more.


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Gifts, like clothing, is not a one-size-fits-all type thing. So in order for the person you’re getting a voucher to make the most out of the service, here’s a few things to consider:

Have they mentioned they'd love to book a session with a stylist?

If so, aim for the  Style Makeovers, for men or women, which are comprehensive services that will take them from the wardrobe to the shopping center. The Complete Style and Image Makeover is for those that need or want a complete overhaul of their style and appearance, whereas the Style Upgrade and Revamp for women, and the Style Upgrade for men, are considered a smaller service makeover.   If you are not sure, a Personal Shopping experience will take them into the world of personal styling. They can always upgrade their services should they desire. Personal Shopping is generally done in Melbourne CBD.

Do they complain about their wardrobe being full of clothing, but they feel like they have nothing to wear?

Opt for a Wardrobe Detox. This covers clearing out the wardrobe space and keeping what works. They are shown how to make new outfits from what they already own, and are given a wealth of wardrobe, and style tips along the way. We leave them with an organized space and a detailed, personalized list of everything they need to move forward with their style, and fill wardrobe gaps!

Do they have a special event coming up?

A half day of shopping would be perfect to get what they need and learn some great tips along the way.

Is there very limited clothing in their wardrobe and they need to start fresh?

If there’s a very limited amount of clothing in the wardrobe, there’s no use spending too much money on what’s not there. A Personal Shopping service would be a great choice, remembering we can always tailor a package just for them, or they can purchase elements of other services separately.

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