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Makeovers For Women: Transform your whole Visual Image

A full-service package with all the options
When you require assistance in every part of your style and image
Women’s Complete Style and Image Makeover
Women’s Complete Style and Image Makeover

The ‘Women’s Complete Style and Image Makeover’ package,  is a Complete Style Transformation service that covers all bases from head to toe.

‘It can’t be understated,  just how positive it is for a woman to shed her old skin in favor of the new. It is normal to feel you want to change different parts of yourself, at different stages in your life. Commonly women leave themselves last on the list of people who need nurturing, attention, and care. It’s empowering to step up for yourself and seek positive change. You’ll see yourself differently, and you’ll feel different on the outside too.

This is for women who seek change in all areas of their image and style. A grooming and Social Media analysis is also included to ensure your new image, is reflected across all platforms.

This complete service will have you looking and feeling confident stylish and completely transformed. Together we build your ultimate wardrobe and look, based on your budget and requirements.

This service is perfect for women who:

  • Have had a recent change in their life such as; relationship status, weight gain/weight loss, lifestyle, career, or a personal realization
  • Have lost their way with their wardrobe, and lack confidence in their, body shape, and general appearance
  • Need to elevate their image, define their personal brand, or climb the corporate ladder
  • Have gained promotion and must have the right image, so they can feel and look the part
  • Entrepreneurs who need to get their look in line with their desired business image
  • Need a compassionate professional to support and guide them through the world of fashion and style
What’s included:
  • Style consultation – 1 hour
  • Social Media Image Review
  • Wardrobe Detox – 3-4 hours
  • Researched Pre-Shop
  • VIP Personal Shop – 5-6 hours
  • Wardrobe Integration – 2-3 hours
  • Makeup and Grooming Consultation

Price: $2197

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"I want to look like well put together, but not as if I tried hard.
I want to look like it’s all effortless."

This is my number one style request
Christina Robert

What’s in a Makeover Package?

Session 1

Christina Robert

Session 1

Style Consultation
Where: At your home
  • Style and Image overview;
  • Create a blueprint for your style future based on where you are now, where you’re headed in life, and your career
  • Define your style personality; What is your style? If you’ve lost your way, we’ll find it.
  • Find solutions to your wardrobe struggles and remove barriers to dressing well
  • Define and discuss the ultimate shapes for your unique body type
  • Color palate analysis and lessons; what best suits your toning
  • Styling exercises to define your true ‘Signature Style’ identity
  • Your current barriers to dressing how you really want to
  • Shopping likes and dislikes
Wardrobe Detox
Where: At your home
  • Remove the physical and emotional clutter, refresh your space, make room for the pieces that do work
  • Create a functional wardrobe, making it easy for you to dress
  • Work through all parts of your wardrobe, including workwear, casual attire, and accessories
  • Reveal wardrobe gaps that prevent you from putting outfits together
  • Create new looks from the clothes you already have.
  • Refine and sharpen your style, with tips on how to best fit and flatter your body shape, and style yourself
  • Learn which colors work best for you, make your features pop, and which ones to avoid

Session 2

Christina Robert

Session 2

Tailored Personal Shopping
Where: At the stores
  • A selection of garments, carefully chosen by us, will be ready for you in the change rooms
  • Learn my styling tips, whilst working with the different pieces you choose
  • Learn about your body shape and ‘illusion dress’ to bring out the best of your unique physique
  • A shopping experience tailored around your allocated budget. Learn when to invest in the right timeless pieces
  • Be introduced to new labels and stores
  • Learn to shop smarter, break old patterns and avoid shopping mistakes
  • Stylist discounts for a range of stores

Session 3

Wardrobe Mix and Match Session
Where: At your home
  • Learn how to mix and match all your new pieces together, match your existing items in and create limitless outfit options
  • Get my toolbox of professional stylist tips to elevate your looks to the next level
  • Match your new pieces with the existing pieces you already own
  • Gain confidence in putting the looks together yourself
  • Learn how to accessorize all your new looks
  • Learn how to dress an outfit up or down for different occasions and events
  • Remember all your looks with images taken of your outfit options
Grooming Consultation
Where: At your home
  • Your best hair, makeup styles, and cuts taking your style into the now
  • Completing your look from head to toe- how to polish those last details
  • Where to shop for and what to you need to get to complete your cosmetic cache
  • The smallest details… including nail color and nail styles


Your Look Book

Christina Robert

Your Look Book (Extra Option)

  • A permanent digital guide of all your outfit options, on hand for future reference
  • Know what goes with what, so you can style your looks in moments
  • Be assured in maintaining your new style, knowing each outfit has been stylist approved
  • Choices at your fingertips making getting dressed is more enjoyable and efficient

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