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Why choose Christina Robért

When it comes to dressing for work, the most important thing is that I feel and look confident. I am a business coach heading up a business consultancy practice. I am often presenting to large rooms of people at my events, which are where I have the opportunity is to create new and long lasting business relationships.
Christina sorted out my wardrobe and I no longer have anything in there that doesn’t fit who I want to be.
She continues to dress me for all my public & personal events and this is the best investment that I have made. I’d highly recommend Christina’s services to anyone who is seeking to make an external impact with their presence in their industry and yet remain themselves internally.
It is an invaluable experience that every business leader, influencer who wants to be seen as a successful brand should take up with her. You will walk away deeply impressed and positively shifted.

Mihir Thaker- Director/Executive Coach

I worked with Christina on creating a style that would work for both my speaking, travel and mentoring. She helped me understand some basic principles and fashion faux pas to avoid and I have to say I love the result.
She has an amazing eye for style and can work with any budget. I immediately saw results in my confidence and my appearance and my business growth!! Can't wait for her to style me for my book launch!

Amanda Blesing- The Ambition Revolution Professional Coach/Speaker

I had the most wonderful experience with Christina. Not only does she walk the walk with her own outstanding fashion sense, more importantly, she has the eye and knowledge to educate others on what works for them. As a professional presenter, you have to have “look” the part. Christina was able to bring out my inner sense of power and command, for which I am forever grateful.

Eric Chan- The Pitch Specialist- Speaker/Entrepreneur

I engaged Christina to assist me with a wardrobe detox and styling experience. I was at a cross-roads post developing a sub-brand for my business consulting, having transitioned from corporate life to running my own business, a styling lift was in order to tie in business and lifestyle. I needed some tough love and an honest opinion to let go of items that I had been storing in my wardrobe for years and not utilised, it was well and truly time for a fresh perspective!
What was potential for an overwhelming experience was expertly handled with minimum fuss. It was an absolute pleasure to be guided by Christina, all delivered with warmth and a professional manner. Outcomes exceeded expectations.

Jo Grist- Entrepreneur

I highly recommend Christina. I had her come on as a guest speaker on my online program, she was professional, and her knowledge was on key for my clients.
Christina gave insights about imaging and branding in a new way.
Thank you Christina for your information and your professional attitude.

Tracey Hall – Mentor and Trainer for the Direct Selling Industry

Christina was able to help me redefine my image and personal brand. I found her incredibly talented and informative. She was able to explain things easily and clearly so that I had a very clear understanding of the style that would suit me. I am now much more clear on the style, brands and pieces I should be shopping for and those I need to avoid. I would recommend her to anyone needing styling and wardrobe advice and assistance.

Jessica Evans- - Consultation Services

I was really impressed with Christina and the service and direction she gave me regarding my wardrobe. Hiring a personal stylist was a big first for me. Christina quickly gained my trust and I was surprised how fun the process was.
As a partner in a major International finance organization, I needed to make sure that my image was in check with my career goals.
Christina helped me with the finer points of how to style myself and learning about colours and patterns and why some work and some don’t. .
I now feel much more confident and in tune with my style
I would recommend Christina as a stylist to anyone in need of some style direction. Great work.

Luke L - Partner at a one of the‘big fours’ Financial Auditor

Working with Christina was fabulous! As a mum of two young children I had spent the last few years in “comfortable” clothes. Faded, frumpy or just plain out of style, my wardrobe was limited and I didn’t have clothes I felt really good.
I was still trying to lose the last of my baby weight and shopping for my current flabby shape was painful. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to find anything to suit or that looked nice.
Christina took all the hard work out of shopping. She helped identify my personal style, researched and scoured stores for items in the right style, colour, cut, fabric and size.
How exciting to walk into a dressing room filled with items personally selected for me to try on, so that in a few hours I would have clothes just right for me. The first pair of jeans I tried on fitted perfectly (hooray!), and the rest of the shopping day was just as successful.
I now feel excited about my wardrobe, and feel more confident. It’s stress free now that I have outfits to wear, and items that work together and flatter my body shape, giving me lots of options and choice.
Christina has helped me understand my personal style, which makes it easier for me to choose clothes that suit, and that will work with other items in my wardrobe.

Cindy Drake- Business Coach

Working with Christina was fabulous! As a mum of two young children I had spent the last few years in “comfortable” clothes. Faded, frumpy or just plain out of style, my wardrobe was limited and I didn’t have clothes I felt really good in.
Christina took all the hard work out of shopping for new clothes. She helped identify my personal style, and then she researched and scoured stores for items in the right style, colour, cut, fabric and size.
The first pair of jeans Christina selected for me fitted perfectly (hooray!). The shopping day was just as successful.
I’m now wearing contemporary styles and soft colours instead of just plain black and navy, and I’ve never felt more confident.
Christina’s style is professional, warm and fun. I would recommend her without hesitation. She has a great eye for style, her enthusiasm is contagious.

Nicole W- Executive and Mum

It sounds obvious, but what you wear says so much about you. I tended not to pay much attention until Christina came along. She's given me a detailed report how to present myself in front of clients to best effect, and to support my business' brand. Tailored for my shape and colour. Still following the advice and referring back to the report, six months on. Very valuable.

Keith Rhodes - Director, Clips That Sell P/L (Video Production)

Before I met Christina, I was stuck in a rut with my wardrobe both personally and professionally. Christina taught me which clothes suited my body shape and which colours to wear. I cannot thank Christina enough. I feel like a new woman!

Sal Prothero- Business Owner

As a Personal Trainer I’m always in workout gear or casual clothes, when it comes time to go out, I have nothing. I knew I needed some help & sometimes you need an outsider’s opinion. Christina gave me a better idea on accessories, style & overall look for different occasions.
A few simple things have already changed my public look, & people have noticed & commented on those alterations. I feel more confident in myself & am very happy I had the consult & would thoroughly recommend anyone needing a bit of a lift to do it.
I would recommend anyone who is considering a stylist to contact Christina.
Best of luck Christina

Carolyn Smith- Personal Trainer

I loved working with Christina. I instantly trusted that I was in good hands & that she would look after me. Christina made the styling experience effortless and fun (I felt like a celebrity!) I trusted that she understood what I wanted & what would suit me, I was open to trying on new colours and pieces I would never have considered. It was exciting to realize I can dress to emphasize my figure rather than try and disguise it. Since working with Christina I have embraced colour and accessories. I am constantly getting compliments on my outfits & have s new dress that I'm looking forward to wearing.

Mish B- Business Owner

I found the experience to be eye-opening and empowering. I was sceptical at first (it seemed like such an extravagant and decadent thing to do – just for the rich), but after talking to Christina over coffee initially, I was really excited about the prospects
The wardrobe review was the highlight. We discarded items that were not working for my shape, age and style. It was so liberating!
Thanks so much for the experience – I would, and have, recommend this to anyone who has the slightest twinge of disappointment when they open their wardrobe.

Fiona O- Entrepreneur

When I first met Christina, I was a 48 year old, colour blind 189 cm trans woman only just starting to transition; the challenges facing me were overwhelming.
Christina has worked with me for the past six months starting with a complete wardrobe review and multiple shopping trips.
The wardrobe review experience was refreshing; starting with a Q & A session to determine my target style, she then honestly reviewed all my clothes for style, size and whether the clothes reflected the style I sought. Her honesty was amazing but her comments were wonderfully educational!
Christina has provided me with a sense of style, fashion and, most importantly, confidence.

Rochelle W- CEO

I had wanted for a long time to sit down with a style expert to talk about what works and what doesn’t work for me in terms of colours, style, fit and generally anything that might help me feel more confident in my appearance.
My styling experience with Christina was more than I had hoped for and the depth that she went into to establish more than the external aspects of my style was fantastic.
As a result of my consultation with Christina – in addition to a de-cluttered wardrobe! – I find that I can go shopping and head straightaway towards the clothes that will suit me It has changed my shopping experience completely.
Thanks to Christina I feel so much more self-confident and dare I say sexier!
This was a fabulously decadent experience for me and one that has totally changed how I feel about what I wear.

Andrea Greig- Entrepreneur Natural Therapies

I had a fabulous day with Christina. She really knows her stuff!

After a thorough consultation we completely detoxed my wardrobe and boy does it feel good!
De-cluttering your wardrobe is like de-cluttering your mind.
Can't recommend it enough & Christina was a dream to work with

One of the best bits was a comprehensive shopping list of all key items, that were missing, to make up my 'core wardrobe'. Thank you, Christina.

Gabrielle Balantyne

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