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Personal Stylist in Melbourne: Christina Robert at work styling

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“What we wear has the power to transform not only how others feel about us, but most importantly, how we feel about ourselves”

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Christina Robert

Personal Stylist in Melbourne


Are you ready  for a NEW IMAGE, and a SIGNATURE STYLE that makes you feel like a Rock Star?

Are you at the point where you want to shed your skin, and Make Over your entire look from head to toe?

Are you a Corporation who wishes to redefine or change your IMAGE?

If you answered ‘YEAH, HELL YEAH!!’  Then I can help YOU.

‘But how do I get from where I am now to that level of amazing? It sounds like, a whole lot of time and effort’……..


I’m Christina,  Personal Stylist and Image consultant, based in Melbourne. I take the hard work out of the styling process, so you can relax, and enjoy the journey.

Wherever you are now with your style, we  sharpen it, TRANSFORM it and knock it out of the ballpark!

My promise to you, is that there are no barriers  preventing you from expressing who you are through personal style regardless of, your age,  body shape or story, and we all have a story.


Christina Robert

Mens Stylist

Be a man of style and substance

Get your mojo back! If you are feeling less than ready to strut your stuff, then here are solutions to help you. Knowing you are dressed well, is a huge confidence booster.

Christina Robert

Womens Stylist

Get the confidence that comes with great Style

Enhance your style, or have a complete top to toe makeover. The solutions are here for you. Services that open the door to your new, stylish world.

Christina Robert

Corporate Stylist

Look the business

Services to help you – Your business, your career, your life. Taking the time to check the health of you image in today’s changing business environment is a vital to your success.


Tom Ford

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Here’s how I can help you

When you have CONFIDENCE in your style, you feel POWERFUL

Do you feel that your image is letting you down in your business,  or other areas of your life?  When you open your wardrobe is it packed with clothes, but you still struggle to put stylish outfits together?

Have you put on weight, lost weight or had a life change, and no longer know how to best dress your body?

Not everybody enjoys shopping,  is skilled in the art of dressing, or can build a wardrobe that works. We take you shopping, source options that work, teach you how to put together stylish outfits,  and sort your wardrobe woes.

Just like outsourcing work to a specialist, such as an accountant, or tradesman, you hire a stylist as a professional who assists you in an area you are struggling to fix yourself.

 You may be dressing in the wrong colours, or shapes and fits for your body type, or styles that don’t serve you. We teach you what is not working, what does work, why, and then we fix it.

You will see yourself TRANSFORM in hours, in to the remarkably stylish human you were meant to be.  You get your time, and head-space back, and say goodbye to the frustration and self-judgment you may have experienced in the past.

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Got someone special in your life who would love their own styling experience? Give them the gift of style with a PERSONAL STYLING GIFT VOUCHER. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. You can purchase any service on the menu. This is for use within

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Christina Robert

Why choose Christina Robért

When I first met Christina, I was a 48-year-old, color-blind 189 cm trans woman only just starting to transition; the challenges facing me were overwhelming.

Christina has worked with me for the past six months starting with a complete wardrobe review and multiple shopping trips.

The wardrobe review experience was refreshing; starting with a Q & A session to determine my target style, she then honestly reviewed all my clothes for style, size and whether the clothes reflected the style I sought. Her honesty was amazing but her comments were wonderfully educational!

Christina has provided me with a sense of style, fashion and, most importantly, confidence.

Rochelle Pattison-CEO

When it comes to dressing for work, the most important thing is that I feel and look confident. I am a business coach heading up a business consultancy practice. I am often presenting to large rooms of people at my events, which are where I have the opportunity is to create new and long lasting business relationships.
Christina sorted out my wardrobe and I no longer have anything in there that doesn’t fit who I want to be.
She continues to dress me for all my public & personal events and this is the best investment that I have made. I’d highly recommend Christina’s services to anyone who is seeking to make an external impact with their presence in their industry and yet remain themselves internally.
It is an invaluable experience that every business leader, influencer who wants to be seen as a successful brand should take up with her. You will walk away deeply impressed and positively shifted.

Mihir Thaker - Entrepreneur

I worked with Christina on creating a style that would work for both my speaking, travel and mentoring. She helped me understand some basic principles and fashion faux pas to avoid and I have to say I love the result.
She has an amazing eye for style and can work with any budget. I immediately saw results in my confidence and my appearance and my business growth!! Can't wait for her to style me for my book launch!

Amanda Blesing - Professional Coach/Speaker/Author
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