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By 22 February 2018Style News
How I helped Cindy find her personal style

Cindy was starting a new career as a business coach, having been a mother and taking last place as most mothers do. In starting this new chapter in her life, Cindy understood that her current image was letting her down while building this new business. In our Style and Image Makeover, Cindy changed dramatically. When we looked at her over full wardrobe, hardly anything aligned with her personal vision of herself and the brand. We started from scratch with a clean slate, taking a couple of basics only. Through our discovery process, I was able to explore with Cindy why her current clothes didn’t suit her and how we could make the change.

This was a dramatic makeover, which not all clients want or need. In Cindy’s case, we worked on glasses, makeup, clothing and footwear as well as accessories. The result was that instead of hiding some parts of her physique, we found items that highlighted the best of her shape. Shapeless became shapely and the result was almost like a butterfly emerging from a cacoon.

The best part of the process was that Cindy feels like a new person, her husband is the biggest fan of her new look and work colleagues complimented her, in fact business is booming. Together Cindy and I created a sharp, on brand style that is personal to her and works in creating the modern business coaching vision she wanted to great effect.

What can a personal fashion and image stylist do for you?

Unlike a stylist who works for a particular brand or department store, I’m not tied to any label nor do I earn commission on the clothes I prepare for you. I’m purely here to create the best version of you.

Working with Cleavage

Being a communicator is being female. We speak 27,000 words a day; a man speaks 16,000 words a day. We are also the reproducer, so there’s always an aspect of sexuality to any encounter. One key to brilliant dressing is to not hide the throat, as you are communicating and creating trust. However, there are some tricks to knowing how much cleavage to show and what shapes compliment without sending the wrong message. Colour also plays a part in this. This is just one example of how I explain and work with my female clients.

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