The Styling Process

The Styling process

Together we achieve your outcome to look and feel your best. Whether high profile or not you deserve to present your excellence to the world in order to get up and go everyday with a healthy self-image; being well dressed is part of that.

I help with a number of packages designed to help him or her from the very basic, such as an event, to the very extensive, such as a wardrobe detox, or complete style makeover.

Within a very short period of time on the day of your styling session YOU begin to look at yourself in a whole new light, almost as if through different eyes.

All my clients find themselves receiving more compliments than they have ever received in their lives.

YOU move differently, speak differently, stand differently and feel a sense of confidence that was just not there before. Shoulders that were hunched forward are back, you smile from ear to ear at the image looking back at you. What’s more your skyrocketed style and image will breath MORE SUCCESS in every area of your life. Personal style really can make that big a difference!

Steps Involved in a Styling process

As a personal fashion and image stylist I can:

  • Up to 1 hour consult
  • Up to 2 hour wardrobe assessment
  • Pre-shop done for you
  • Personalised on style VIP shopping trip
  • Personal styling may include hair and grooming if needed
  • Assessment of Dating profile pictures

How do I do that?

I help men and women to create their personal style easily and effectively everyday, detox their wardrobe or get date ready. I can even help you over skype.

As we work together on what you want to see when you look in the mirror, it becomes crystal clear what direction you should be heading in, style, colour, looks and what suits you. Once we know your style, we find the clothes that will give you that ultimate version you’ve been seeking every time.

I’m here to dramatically lift your image and make you feel amazing about yourself, so there’s one more question I have to see if we are a great fit.

Fancy a bit of style on the side?

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