What is a successful professional image?

By 22 February 2018Style News

What is a successful professional image?

For your staff to project an image and style that is acceptable they need to understand the basics of image. The above topics are just some of the areas we cover to ensure your staff polishes their professionalism.

In Groups

Through small focussed groups your staff feels supported and excited to learn vital skills. Once learned, this information flows through to their life and success.

Together we increase their potential for customer conversion, promotion and general success through learning their style and dressing effectively.

Often we handle objections that keep them from feeling confident and once they overcome those ideas, your staff feels more confident inside and out.

  • I’m too short
  • I’m too tall
  • I don’t like my figure
  • Clothing that isn’t flattering

The sessions are held in a break out area or venue of your choice.

If you feel your company is too large for a focus group situation, call me on xxx to discuss your needs. You may also wish to consider my offering as a Keynote Speaker. (link to keynote)

Each attendee receives:

  • Tailor made booklet based on company image objectives
  • Interactive content delivered in a group situation
  • Style guides on colour and body shape (confirm)

Grooming to Create Perfect ‘On Brand’ Representatives

Sometimes a single individual in the company needs to step up their image to take you to the next level. The return on investment of having a well groomed CEO or Sales Director is substantial if your company is working with million dollar deals where presentation must be immaculate.

We take your expert person as a resource from substandard to remarkable.

Make sure your experts have an image that is right on brand, creating the ultimate public figure so that the deal is already in your favour.

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