Do you see shopping as a time consuming chore?

Do you see shopping as a time consuming chore?

Do you see shopping as a time consuming chore? 1
My male clients often wonder why perfect clothes don’t just appear when he opens the wardrobe … but seriously…

Typically, clothes shopping is at the bottom of your list and it haunts you whenever you need to find that exact right thing to wear on a first or second date.

I take the stress and the time out of getting this solved. I commonly see:

  • Out dated shoes
  • Jeans that don’t fit or what’s known an ‘Dad Jeans’
  • Ill-fitting or baggy clothes
  • Shirts in unfashionable prints
  • Dating App pictures that don’t do you justice

First we consult on how you want to be perceived, the ultimate type of woman you want to attract and we find solutions that help you create a new start. I can help you to freshen your look, even to recommending hair styles if you want that level of support.

Before you arrive, I pick out the items that fit your style and needs based on your wardrobe gaps. This is a time saving and effective base line to help you to hit the ground running.

  • Up to 1 hour consult
  • Up to 2 hour wardrobe assessment
  • Pre-shop done for you
  • Personalised on style VIP shopping trip
  • Personal styling may include hair and grooming if needed
  • Assessment of Dating profile pictures

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