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Personal Branding

Did you realize that you’re a Walking Talking Billboard for yourself and your business?

So what is Personal Branding? Wikipedia’s definition; Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. …Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization.

So, you are in fact your own ‘Brand’. I know that might sound like a bit much to take in on a Monday morning as you quickly shape up for your first appointment; however, EVERY meeting you have is a new opportunity to be assessed favorably… or not.

Using fashion, style, and image, we create a visual strategy around you and the way you present yourself from head to toe. A strong ‘Brand’ comes from a confident image and clear message.

How I can help with your Personal Brand:

  • Make sure you are on brand every day
  • Effortlessly present yourself in the best light
  • Confidence that your style and branding on the correct path
  • Clarify your personal brand  and what you stand for
  • Define what you want the world to know about you

A strong and confident style and image that compliments your ‘Personal Branding’  can be achieved in a short space of time. If you are not sure what your ‘Personal Branding’ message is, this will help you define it.

Image Style and Personal Brand Consultation

In just 1.5 hours you will learn:

  • How to make the best first impression every day, at meetings, and networking events
  • Completely understand ‘Your Signature Style’ or ‘Style Persona’ (link to FAQ)
  • How to work your personal style and your personal brand together
  • How to best groom yourself in terms of your hair, nails, makeup
  • What colours will best work for your skin, personality AND as strategy for your brand
  • What styles, fashions, fits you should shop for
  • Where to shop based on your budget and style
  • How to differentiate yourself from the pack

We create your unique ‘Signature Style’ that is in perfect alignment with your personality and your Brand.

Following your Consultation

You can relax and enjoy your consultation time without recording notes. In my follow up you will receive a personalized Style File with all of your styling advice and the various points covered in your consultation, and my afterthoughts,
Get the extra confidence to

Feel great about yourself now

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