Christina Robert

Men’s Style Upgrade

Sharpen your Style
Mens Style Update

Revive a tired style, and get your look, and your mojo, back on track.

Shirts in dated patterns and fits, trousers in older styles and shapes, boring or outdated shoes, bad dad jeans, and enough going on that is current? Not sure how to update your wardrobe or find pieces that match the items you have that you like?

This ‘Men’s Style Upgrade’ is a great choice if you feel you need to update and sharpen your style for the new season or refresh a tired, dated wardrobe. A shorter service, with little down time, where a full makeover with all the various steps is not desired.

Remember, if you commence your service, and want to add some or all of the parts of a ‘Men’s Style and Image Makeover’, this can be easily accommodated, and is commonly requested.

What’s included:
  • Style Consultation – 1 hour
  • Wardrobe Detox – 3 hours
  • Research  and Clothing Pre-Selection
  • VIP Personal Shop – 4 Hours

Price: $1297.00

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Why choose Christina Robért

I had the pleasure of working with Christina and it was really special. As a presenter, speaker and business coach, a lot of my success depends on being seen as who I truly am and communicate the right image. After working with Christina I realised how deep her insights are and how authentic her work really is. She put me first and created a shift and congruence between the inner me and how I want to show up as. It is an invaluable experience that every business leader, influencer who wants to be seen as a successful brand should take up with her. You will walk away deeply impressed and positively shifted.

Mihir Thaker – Entrepreneur